Food and Fellowship

5 Mar ThursdayPosted By:Gerald Morgan

A dedicated group of volunteers prepares lunch every Sunday morning in the church kitchen, here at the Savannah Holy Church of God. I cannot thank pastor Ryan enough for the continued support of Friendly Mission’s effort to help change the lives of those that we bring to Sunday morning worship. At the conclusion of the morning service, the volunteers serve a hot, freshly cooked southern style meal. We try to provide a place where our guest is treated with respect and dignity and are able to eat until they are full. The food and fellowship on Sunday is made possible by many of the volunteers around the church and we appreciate it very much. If it weren’t for such volunteers, some that we bring would be scavenging in the dumpsters for their next meal. Meals are used to build trust so that the homeless will be more willing to accept other kinds of help, that we have to offer. We can’t end homelessness without housing, and housing is very expensive, which is why we need your financial support.

Please consider supporting us,

Gerald Morgan