Just a Simple Handkerchief

10 Feb SundayPosted By:Gerald Morgan

All of us here at the Mission have been praying for quite some time for Lynn.  He is an incredibly nice guy who is always friendly and outgoing, but the word on the streets are that he has a drug addiction that is incurable.  But, watch God work.  Today at the altar, I noticed Lynn was very broken-hearted and crying.  While Lynn was pouring-out his soul to God, Eddie Barnes knelt next to us to pray with us.  In a few minutes Eddie pulls out a handkerchief and hands it to Lynn.  This doesn’t seem to unusual; Lynn was crying and Eddie hands him a handkerchief, but what was happening to Lynn at the very same moment is what was so Amazing to me.

After morning worship was over and everyone had eaten, Travis was driving Lynn back to where he stays, and this is what Lynn began to tell Travis. Lynn pulls out the handkerchief that Eddie had gave him and with tears streaming down his face he said, “while I was kneeling I told God I know this is real and you said that you would wipe all the tears from our eyes.”  Then Lynn asked God “if this is real, let someone hand me a tissue to wipe the tears from my eyes”, and at that very same moment Eddie handed him a handkerchief.

Lynn continued to tell Travis that “I’ve never heard God speak to me before, but at that moment God spoke to me and said I’ll never give you anything to throw away, what I have to give you will last.”  Then looking down at the handkerchief with tears flowing he told Travis, “look at this handkerchief I can use it over and over, I can wash it and use it again and again.  This is something that you don’t throw away.”

Now it’s been over a year and Lynn is doing amazing.  He is free from the drugs that had him bound. Working full time at the mission and has a tremendous outlook on life.

Gerald Morgan