Nothing is Impossible With God!

12 Mar Thursday

 For over three decades Jeff had been a chronic alcoholic. He started drinking at the young age of 12 years old and was heavily intoxicated the day he came into the Friendly Mission Thrift Store. Every time he would stop by, we would read the bible to him and pray. I quickly noticed a calm and a peace that would come over Jeff as we would read the word of God to him.


Jeff continued to visit us many times, I believe because he felt the love of God and the kindness that we all showed him. We continued to work with him over the course of several weeks, pointing him to the cross, encouraging him there is a better way. Then one day, Jeff had made up his mind, he was so sick of drinking, sick of waking up every day shaking uncontrollably until he got his first drink. He was ready to get his life together and start on this new journey that we had been telling him about.


Jeff has gone through detox and is now sober. He asked God into his heart and has been going to church. What a transformation God has made in Jeff’s life in just a few short days. Several of the neighbors around the store that knew Jeff have stopped by just to see him. They can’t believe what they are hearing. But we know that nothing is ever impossible with God!!


This is what our mission is all about. God has blessed all of us here at Friendly Mission, and we count it an honor to be able to help and bless someone else.


Please keep Jeff in your prayers that God will give him daily strength. It’s a day by day process but worth every minute. Our goal is to reach as many souls as possible.