Ron Mon the Homeless

12 Mar Thursday

I now know rain; I now know cold, I now know hungry. I now know dis-spear, I now know lonely, and I NOW KNOW TEARS!!!!!!
My homeless situation is not a punishment, it is a learning experience. I now see the pure kindness that exists in total strangers, like Gerald & Becky Morgan, and Pastor Ryan and Beth Ralston.

I see the true caring of certain entities, like Friendly Mission, and the Savannah Holy Church of God. I also see the condescension and judgmental minds that encapsulate far too many people. Oh yes!! The rats!!! The rats……. I watch in amazement as they abandon my seemingly sinking ship of a life. But I now realize I’m not at the helm of a sinking ship, I am captain and I am proud commander of a submarine and in GOD’S time I will resurface.

My mother was done with this stage of existence on 29, November 2014; she left me a home, a car and a bank account. My homeless situation I tribute to inexperience, my generosity and the infamous choices that I have made. The lessons learned, along with the people that I have encountered are priceless. I will confess, having no-one and owning very little, but I feel God’s Presence like never before in my life.

And it is a wonderful feeling.

Take my word, don’t try it at home, and I implore you don’t try it at HOMELESSNESS!!! God Bless.